Offer your customers a better-than-original option
when transmission wear or damage stops them in their tracks.

The Holden Remanufactured Transmission exchange program
offers a sensible alternative to time-consuming
or uneconomical repair or reconditioning.

Reman Trans

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or contact your Holden Trade Club Dealer for detailed application and price details.

Reman Trans
Why you should choose a Holden Remanufactured Transmission

A Holden Remanufactured Transmission offers a great value manufacturer-approved alternative to a brand-new unit. Each unit undergoes a rigorous inspection, rebuild and test so you can fit one with total confidence and get your customer back on the road quickly.

Better than original

All over the world, GM automatic transmissions are driven millions of kilometres every year. GM engineers record information about their reliability and performance to build an extensive knowledge base that is used to continuously enhance component and software design.

Every Holden Remanufactured Transmission is remanufactured in Australia using the latest specification components to ensure ‘better than original’ performance is built in.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
The smarter solution

Save hours on testing, fault finding, sourcing components and large investments in special tools. Your customers will drive away with the reassurance of national backup from the Holden Dealer Network across New Zealand.

Who else in the transmission repair or aftermarket replacement business offers you this level of service?

Competitive pricing

A simple pricing structure means that, in many cases, you can buy a fully remanufactured, fully warranted Holden exchange transmission at a price that competes with a reconditioned unit.

Please use the Catalogue search or contact your Holden Trade Club Dealer for detailed application and price details.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
‘Fit and forget’ reliability

Because GM’s engineers have done all the hard work, you can rest assured that a Holden Remanufactured Transmission is the smart choice.

Reman Trans
Why you can trust a Holden Remanufactured Transmission

From the moment that a core arrives it is computer tracked and this continues through every stage of the remanufacturing process to build a detailed history for every unit. Only once the final testing has been passed, and the exacting GM approved service parts requirements met, are the transmissions made available for shipping.

At every stage, a team of highly skilled specialist technicians deliver attention to detail and quality workmanship, using the very latest specification, updated and improved parts, to make a Holden Remanufactured Transmission better than the original.


The old transmission is completely dismantled, mandatory replacement parts are discarded, retained components are fully assessed and, if within specification, held for re-use.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
Clean and paint

Oil and contaminants are safely removed, and all components undergo a high-pressure cleaning process. Transmission cases are then painted ‘Holden Silver’ so that they look as good as they perform.

Sub-assembly build and testing

Sub-assemblies, valve bodies for example, are built up and individually tested. All electrical components, such as the gear selector, are also individually tested.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
Part replacement and reassembly

The complete basket of parts required to create a new, better-than-original, transmission is made ready. The transmission is hand rebuilt from start to finish by a team of highly skilled technicians, each performing specific specialist tasks.

Dyno test

The final stage of the remanufacturing process is a comprehensive dyno test for every transmission. The thorough 100-point test simulates real world driving and loads, checking every component is performing to the very latest GM specifications.

Nothing is left to chance. Where fitted, the TCM (Transmission Electro Hydraulic Control Module) is also tested. The dyno drives the transmission by loading a temporary program to the TCM, checking the system as if it were installed in the vehicle.

Only then is the GM Certified label applied and the transmission signed off for shipment.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
Warranty, delivery, core returns and installation

Rigorous standards and exacting inspection enable each Holden Remanufactured Transmission to come with an industry-leading warranty that you can trust. An extensive range available from stock and a simple delivery and exchange return procedure offer a painless process from start to finish.

GM Holden Warranty

A comprehensive GM Holden 24-month or 50,000km parts warranty, from date of fitment, covers each Holden Remanufactured Transmission. Which is, of course, supported by the nationwide Holden Dealer service network, providing you with factory-backed peace of mind.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans
Delivery and stock

A wide range of transmissions is held in Auckland. To many locations, delivery is overnight and typically within three days to more remote destinations. Transmissions that are not stocked in Auckland are available ex Australia on a sea freight basis only.

Many Holden Dealers also hold stock of the most popular transmissions, delivering an even faster service to help get your customer back on the road.

Exchange cores

This program relies upon a reliable flow of returned cores and we ask you to promptly return the old transmission.

Transmissions are shipped in sturdy reusable cocoons, to ensure no transit damage, and these cocoons are also used for the return process. Load the old core in to the cocoon for your Holden Trade Club Dealer to collect.

Acceptable core requirements are fairly applied: no holes or cracks in the case and the transmission is complete with all integral components.

Reman Trans
Reman Trans

All transmissions are supplied ready to go. Simply install, fill up with transmission fluid, program (where applicable), test and drive. Detailed installation instructions are supplied with every transmission.

Holden Trade Club Tip
Any debris that may be left in the transmission cooler and lines has the potential to impact the performance and flow rate of the newly installed remanufactured unit. Always flush the transmission cooler and lines prior to installation to ensure a slick change.

Holden 6-speed transmissions are fitted with a TCM (Transmission Electro Hydraulic Control Module) that requires vehicle-specific GM programming to be loaded. Your business may have access to GM tools and systems that allow you to perform the programming for yourself.

Programming support may also be available at a modest charge from your local Trade Club Dealer.

Reman Trans